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Beaver Head Hunters Genealogical Society

General Information

Established 5 May 1992, the Society is an educational organization based in Dillon, Montana. The Beaver Head Hunters help maintain a room at the Beaverhead County Museum (see Links below) filled with research aids. Many of our members are among the volunteers who staff the research room at the museum during the summertime, Monday-Friday from 1-5 pm.

Monthly meetings are held from September through May on the third Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. in the Museum Research Center. These meetings include guest speakers on local history, presentations on various aspects of genealogy, and group discussions & help sessions. The public is welcome to come participate.

Beaverhead County Museum

Beaverhead County Museum

The name Beaver Head Hunters was the winning entry in a naming contest. It melds the county name and the important job of searching headstones in doing genealogy. Any resemblance to cannibalism or job search services was merely coincidental, and not intentional.


The objectives of the Society are: to foster interest in genealogy; to instruct members in genealogical research methods and techniques; to promote quality documentation; and to locate, preserve, index, and share records pertinent to Beaverhead County genealogy.

Photo Gallery

Misc. Events— Nine photos of summer outings, workshops, & parties from 2004 through 2009.

Twentieth Anniversary— Ten photos of our 20th Anniversary celebration.

Heirlooms— A dozen photos of “Loving Your Ancestors” meeting where each member brought an heirloom for show and tell.


Annual dues, payable in January, are $11 for individuals, $16 for a family of two, and $5 for additional family members, or $10 for a newsletter subscription only. If you would like to join, send your dues, name, address, email, and phone number, to the address below (see Queries section).

Benefits of Membership include

  1. Quarterly Newsletter
  2. Nine monthly meetings
  3. Starter packet of forms and info
  4. On-site use of internet computer and other research resources
  5. MSGS Membership (see Links below)
  6. Research ideas and fraternity with fellow genealogists
  7. Opportunity to help index and digitize Beaverhead County information

Research Aids

Searchable Online Indices

There are currently several indices specific to Beaverhead county available to search online.

Local Records

We have compiled a list of the major sources of local records of genealogical interest available in the area.


Our volunteers will respond to clear and direct questions submitted by letter or email. Photocopies are $.20 each and postage is charged at cost. We will do a basic Beaverhead County search for a name or family in the following volumes available in our research room:

  1. Beaverhead County History, Vol. I & II
  2. 1870 Census
  3. 1880 Census
  4. 1910 Census
  5. 1930 Census (online— not on paper)
  6. County Tombstone Inscriptions 1862-1992 (DAR)
  7. Dillon City Burial Records 1888-Present
  8. Obituaries of Dillon area 1881-Present
  9. County Marriage Index 1867-2003

For more extensive research, consult the query chairman on specifics to your situation. The Local Records Checklist (see Geography) may be helpful in planning a strategy. Make checks payable to "BHH Gen. Soc."

Send your query c/o Pat Darling (email) or mail to:

Beaver Head Hunters
15 S. Montana
Dillon, Montana 59725

You may also write or email us with comments or questions other than queries.


Map of Beaverhead County         Wikipedia US map showing Montana


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