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2004 Summer outing at Dorothy Stout's home.
L-R: Jane Dodd, Jinny Greitl, Helen DeShazo, Ellen Cook, Dorothy Stout, (Pat on the camera)

2005 Wkshop.jpeg

2005 Community Genealogy Workshop at the LDS meetinghouse.
L-R: guest, Carla Andrus, guest, Kristy Sauerbier, Helen DeShazo, Pat Darling, Jo Smith, Dorothy Stout, Jinny Greitl, guest, Marj Vorhauer, Darlene Hildreth (kneeling)


2005 Summer outing at Dorothy Stout's home.
Yes, it was a cold day in June.
L-R: Helen DeShazo, Dorothy Stout, Darlene Hildreth, Joan McDougal, guest, Pat Darling


2005 Christmas Party at the Elk's Lodge.
L-R: back: Joan McDougal, guest, Jo Smith, Dorothy Stout, Sally Hart, Kristy Sauerbeir, Pat Darling, Carla Andrus (hiding), guest (Helen's dau),
L-R: sitting: Jane Dodd, Afton Marchessault, Helen DeShazo, Darlene Hildreth, Marj Vorhauer


2006 Summer outing at Clark Canyon Dam, south of Dillon.
L-R: Maralyn Kailey, Jo Smith, Carol McLaren, Pat Darling

2007 Sini+Ez.jpeg

2007 Summer outing to Barrett's Station picnic area— young head-hunters in training.
L-R: Sinikka & Ezra Welton Andrus


2008 State Genealogy Conference in Butte.
L-R: Carol McLaren, Pat Darling, Dorothy Stout, Maralyn Kailey, Carla Andrus, Helen DeShazo


2009 Summer outing to Medicine Lodge enroute to the Hildreth cabin.
(waiting for the rest of the group to switch vehicles due to a heater leak.)
L-R: Pat Darling, Ray Hildreth, Dick Stephen-Hassard, Hank Greitl, Michele Stephen-Hassard, Darlene Hildreth

2009 Xmas.jpeg

2009 Christmas Party at the Elk's Lodge.
L-R: back: Don Darling, Ray Hildreth, Arley McLaren, Dick Stephen-Hassard, Hank Greitl
L-R: middle: Michele Stephen-Hassard, Carol McLaren, Dorothy Stout, Nancy Johnson
L-R: front: Helen DeShazo, Ramona McAfee, Darlene Hildreth, Pat Darling, Marj Vorhauer

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